Do you want to get rid of mice that invade your home? Naturally you do – although mice are small creatures, they cause quite a bit of fuss and no one wants them in their home, spreading germs and causing destruction.

Several Ways That You Can Get Rid Of Mice Including The Following

Get A Cat

A cat is one option to get rid of mice. Unfortunately, many people are allergic to cats and do not want them as a pet. Even more unfortunately is although the cat will know exactly how to kill the mouse in your house, it will most likely leave it strewn all over the floor for the entire family to see. While getting a cat will get rid of mice, dealing with the aftermath of the kill is anything but pleasant.

Get A Mousetrap

A mousetrap is one way that you can get rid of mice. You put a little bit of food on the trap and when the mouse approaches, the trap swings down and practically severs the head of the mouse. A mousetrap is a very effective way to get rid of mice, but, like the case of having a cat, it can be gruesome to have to clean up the aftermath. In addition, a mousetrap can be a hazard for children and other pets who may accidentally trip it off.

Get Poison Mousetraps

There are mouse traps that contain poison that can kill a mouse. Many people think that this is cruel for the animal as it causes an agonizing death. True, you do not want the mice in your house or anywhere near it, but the idea of a torturous death for the creature will most likely not suit anyone who has humane feelings towards animals. Furthermore, these type of mousetraps can also harm children and other pets. And because the mouse does not die instantly, it can crawl into the woodwork and die, leaving you to deal with the smell of decay.

Get An Exterminator

An exterminator will rid your house of mice by spraying poison. This can also kill bugs as well. Unfortunately, it s expensive and toxic for children and other pets. There are extermination companies that will use natural products to keep mice from entering your home, but then this is something that you can do on your own.

Use Natural Mice Repellent Products

You don\’t have to have a cat in order to get rid of mice. You can use a natural product that has the scent of a cat as well as a fox, two of the creatures the mouse will fear the most, that will keep it from entering your house. If you are looking for a natural way to get rid of mice, you can try one of the natural products that are on the market today.

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