While the U.S. is home to several termite species, only the Eastern subterranean termite is found in New York and New Jersey. This year alone wood-eating subterranean termites will inflict significant damage on 1 in 5 homes the New York-New Jersey area and on more than 600,000 homes across the U.S. at a cost to homeowners of more than $1.5 billion.

Termite Colony Life

No bigger than a grain of rice, these highly social insects live a secretive life in massive underground colonies that can number in the millions. A strict caste system divides termites into workers, soldiers and reproductives. Wingless and sightless, termites spend their entire lives underground, communicating via pheromones. Like carpenter ants, termite colonies expand by swarming. Awkward fliers, winged reproductives often land and establish new colonies nearby. Feeding on damp, rotting wood, termites frequently attack foundation timbers in homes, porches, sheds, and other wood structures via underground tunnels. A small colony of just 60,000 of these voracious wood-eaters can consume 1 lineal foot of pine 2×4 every 120 days. A mature colony of millions can inflict significant damage in a short time, pushing buildings to the brink of structural collapse before the presence of these secretive pests is even discovered.

Titan Environmental’s Termite Control Services

Termite extermination should only be performed by experienced pest control professionals licensed in the safe application of professional termiticides. Do-it-yourself extermination products and spot treatments are ineffective, simply forcing termites to relocate to another area of your home.
At Titan Environmental, our licensed termite control technicians use the proven professional termiticide Termidor, the most-effective liquid termiticide on the market today. Termidor is injected into the soil and under concrete walkways, driveways, etc. to create a continuous chemical barrier around the entire perimeter of your home. Because Termidor is a non-repellent termiticide, termites cannot detect it. As they crawl through this poisonous barrier, pesticide clings to their bodies and is ingested. Termites carry the poison back to their nest, infecting colony-mates during feeding and grooming activities until the entire colony is eliminated. Termite extermination should only be done by a trained pest control professional.

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