For generations, people have been herb gardening. Some records show that people have been herbs gardening as early as 2700 BC. Chinese cookbooks have identified herbs as something crucial to good cooking, which makes them valuable for culinary skills. The Chinese have also been using herbs for their medicinal properties for hundreds of years. Besides the Chinese, people in other areas of the world have also use herbs for cooking and healing. The ancient Egyptians, Hindue, Greek and Romans have all mentioned herbs and herbs gardening as part of their culture in history books. Greek physician Hippocrates, also the father of modern medicine, was known for his use of herbs in his medical practice.

Herbs And Herbal Medicine

If in this modern age, people all around the world still regularly use herbal medicine to cure certain types of illnesses. Those who live in the countryside may tend to use herbal remedies more often because they can easily produce fresh herbs for medicine through their herbal gardening.
There are some people who insist that herbal medicine is better than the typical synthetic drugs sold in pharmacies because they don’t have the same types of side effects. This is not true. Certain types of herbs are so potent that they can be toxic if improperly used. But there’s no denying that herbal medicine is made out of natural ingredients, and natural ingredients tend to have fewer side effects than anything synthetic.

Chefs And Their Herbs

Obviously herbs in the field of medicine are popular. Herbs are also popular in cooking. Numerous chefs all over the world insist that their cooking would not taste the same if they didn’t have access to specific types of herbs. The Chinese and Italians have a reputation for using herbs in their cooking which can create some heavenly smells.
Many chefs do their own herbs gardening at home to make sure they have all the herbs crucial to their cooking. If a chef doesn’t have enough space in his or her home for herb gardening, many will hire those living in the country side to grow herbs for them.
Those who cannot do their own herb gardening or outsource it to the country will often spend hours in the market to find the best herbs possible to make their cooking taste fantastic. It is easier to start with your own indoor herb garden. You’ll be glad you did it. Herbs are a real asset to most dishes and can make food taste really great.

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