Mice control usually is a problem for homeowners in the winter months when these creatures seek refuge from the cold. Mice carry disease, spread feces all over your house and may even nest in your walls, breeding more mice.
Homeowners want to do anything that they can to enact mice control in their homes. Mice control is more effective if you use it before the mice get in.
Mice can get in anywhere, no matter where you live or how well sealed your house is. If you have a cat, you might be able to deter mice or the cat may even catch them, but then you have to look after the cat. To some people, this may be worse than having mice in the house and is not the best option when it comes to mice control.
Mice control can be natural control that uses natural products that will prevent mice from entering your house and cause them to leave if they are in. These natural products usually contain the scent of fox or bobcat, two of the main predators of a mouse. The scent of this alone will often drive mice away, although it is odorless to you and non toxic, making it safe around children and pets.
Other forms of mice control involve killing the mouse in the house. This can be done in a number of different ways that usually involve trapping the mouse by luring it into the trap and then killing it. A spring trap is probably the oldest mice control method that there is, with the exception of keeping cats. A spring trap is usually baited with a bit of cheese or food to lure the mouse to the trap. Once the mouse takes the food, the spring trap shuts on the mouse, often severing it. This is a quick kill for the mouse, that doesn\’t ever know what hit him. But, it can be a gruesome clean up.
Poison traps are very popular and have been so for years as a form of mice control. These lure the mice to the trap and then poison them. These are very effective, but are toxic to children and other pets. Furthermore, if you use a poison that does not trap the mouse, it can go off and die anywhere in the house. This can lead to the creature decaying right in your own walls.
Another form of mice control with regard to traps is the mouse zapper. Just like a bug zapper, this kills a mouse by electrocution, is a quick kill and will leave the mouse as it is to pick up and dispose of.
In addition to the above mentioned mice control methods, you can also hire an exterminator. You should make sure that the exterminator is not using anything that will harm children or pets as many of them use harmful chemicals to kill mice. While an exterminator may be a good idea when it comes to mice control, you are actually paying for something that you can do on your own.

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