In this article you find a many answers on one general question that plagued many people around the planet how to get rid of cockroaches?

Among Earth’s oldest insect species, modern cockroaches trace their lineage back 145.5 million years to the age of dinosaurs. These highly adaptable insects are brown to black with flat, oval bodies, spiny legs, small heads and long, graceful antennae. Known disease vectors, cockroaches foul counters and food supplies, spreading bacteria, parasitic worms and dangerous pathogens with every step. Their waste also creates a biological dust that is a primary cause of allergies, asthma and respiratory disease, especially in young children and seniors.

The Cockroach Problem

Nocturnal scavengers, cockroaches will eat anything humans eat and are attracted by improperly stored food, garbage, decaying fruit, litter and yard debris. Proper sanitation practices are the key to effective cockroach control. Most cockroaches have sticky pads on their feet that allow them to scale smooth surfaces like walls and pipes to gain entry to buildings, but they can also be carried in inside boxes or pallet goods. Roaches nest in warm, moist spaces under sinks, behind cabinets, in appliance motor housings, wall voids and crawl spaces.

Cockroach Varieties

The German, American and Oriental cockroaches are the most common roach species found in New York and New Jersey.
The thumbnail-size German cockroach lives exclusively indoors and is the roach species most often found inhabiting homes, apartments, restaurants, groceries, schools, food storage facilities and other commercial sites. Marked by two dark longitudinal stripes on the back of its head, this light-brown roach is the most prolific of the area’s roach species with the shortest growth cycle. German cockroach infestations are the primary cause of asthma in inner city children.
Image of an American cockroach. At 1 1/2 to 2 inches (5.08 cm) long, the American cockroach is the largest roach species in the New York-New Jersey area. Distinguished by a pale yellow figure-8 on its back, American roaches generally live outdoors but will sometimes locate inside buildings, particularly in winter. These roaches seek out warm environments with high humidity and are a frequent problem in restaurants, groceries, bakeries, bathrooms, boiler rooms, sewers and steam tunnels.
An occasional indoor invader, Oriental cockroaches are 1 inch (2.54 cm) long with shiny, reddish-brown to black bodies. Because these roaches tolerate colder temperatures, they rarely venture into buildings but are occasionally found in basements, crawl spaces, porches or sheltered walkways.

Cockroach Extermination Services

When you need professional help to rid your home, business, or property of cockroaches, Titan Environmental can create a treatment program that gives a quick \”knockdown\” of pests and then an ongoing program that kills the rest of these prolific bugs and keeps them away.

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